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  1. Free Netflix Accounts Email & Password November 2020 [100% Working & Daily Updated]
  2. Free Netflix Account 23 November 2020
  3. Free Premium Netflix Accounts With Email & Password 23 November
  4. How To Participate In This Giveaway?
  5. Netflix Premium Account Features
  7. Ultra HD/4K
  8. 4Screen
  9. First Month Free
  10. Updated Free Netflix Accounts
  11. How to get Netflix free trial?
  12. How to cancel Netflix free trial subscription?
  13. Can you pay for a year on Netflix?
  14. Does Netflix take money for the free trial?
  15. Is it easy for us to cancel the subscription after the trial?
  16. How do I permanently delete my account?
  17. Can I use someone else’s account?
  18. Last Word
  19. Difference Between Share Capital and Share Premium | Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms
  20. Cumulative Preference Shares
  21. Noncumulative Preference Shares
  22. Participatory Preference Shares
  23. What is the difference between Share Capital and Share Premium?
  24. Shares Premium (Definition)| What is Security Premium Account?
  25. #1 – Issue price of Share Capital
  26. #2 – The Face value of Share Capital
  27. Uses of Share Premium Account
  28. Share Premium Reserve Formula
  29. Example of Share Premium Account
  30. #1 – No Dilution in Rights
  31. #2 – Tax Neutral
  32. #3 – Timing of distribution
  33. #4 – Financial consideration
  34. #5 – Reduction in Cost
  35. #6 -Higher Dividend Rate
  36. Disadvantages/Limitation
  37. Conclusion
  38. Recommended Articles
  39. Keep2Share Premium Account – The Most Popular Filehoster?
  40. What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?
  41. How Is the File Management Interface?
  42. What Are the Different Packages for the Users?
  43. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  44. Do they offer flexible payment options?
  45. Does premium account that worth it?
  46. What Do We Have to Say?

Free Netflix Accounts Email & Password November 2020 [100% Working & Daily Updated]

share premium account

Finally From now everyone able to enjoy a premium Netflix account for free because we are going to share a Netflix free account with all of you so, if you are looking for a premium Netflix account then you are on the right place. we share everyday new Netflix free account so, you can simply copy username and password and enjoy Netflix premium for free.

if you have knowledge about Netflix cookies then you can use our premium Netflix cookies for access Netflix premium If you can’t find an account or You may not be able to get an account because e have tons of user, and some people change the account password after login so you can use our latest Netflix cookies here if you know what is cookies and how it works.

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Free Netflix Account 23 November 2020

Before sharing a Netflix premium account, we know what Netflix is and how it works. Some time ago, Netflix had only copyrighted content, but now Netflix has started to produce some shows.

Netflix is quite popular in the present times everywhere because Netflix content is unique as compared to other on-demand service companies PrimeVideos. There are three plans that you can buy. Basic Plan Price is $7.99 per month, Standard Plan Price is $10.99 per month, and Premium Plan Price is $13.99 per month.

In recent times Netflix is the best option if you to watch movies shows, but this is a pad service due to which many people are not able to access Netflix, but from today everyone will be able to take a free Netflix account. In recent times Netflix is ​​the best option if you to watch movies shows, but this is a pad service due to which many people are not able to access Netflix.

from today everyone will be able to take a free Netflix account because here You are shared the Daily 1 free Netflix account, now we cannot give an account to everyone because we also have a budget, so here we are share daily free Netflix account, now there are many users on this site, so maybe you can not get the account daily, then try your luck the next day.

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Free Premium Netflix Accounts With Email & Password 23 November

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Netflix Premium Account Features

There are many features of Netflix Premium account, now we can not tell everyone or else this article will be very long, so the feature that is best for all of you, today we are going to share with you all here so that you all You will know what you will get by taking Netflix premium account.


Maybe everyone does not have fast internet speed so that they can not do streaming, and this is the best feature for those people because you can now download the shows of your choice in Netflix and when you get the time you can see that

Ultra HD/4K

If you want to enjoy Netflix on your TV or your high-resolution devices, you can do it in Netflix Premium account and Netflix Premium Allows you to watch all the videos in 4k Means in Ultra HD Quality If you are planning to use Netflix on your Smart TV, then It’s best for you because of many smart TV’s support 4k Quality


If everyone in your house is addicted to Netflix, then this is one of the best features for all of you as it can save your money, Netflix Premium gives you the option of 4 screens so that you can have a different screen for your family members. And you can make your own

First Month Free

Netflix gives us all the first month to use it for free, you do not have to pay for it, and you can take advantage of the premium for free for one month, and after that, if you want to cancel the account, you can do that too. Here you can create your free trial account

Updated Free Netflix Accounts

If the above Netflix account is not working, then you can use the free Netflix account given here. It is also working. If the password of an account is wrong then someone has changed the password of that account before you.

How to get Netflix free trial?

If you do love watching web series and movies, then Netflix is for you. Netflix is an online video streaming company with tons of great content, including web series produced by Netflix itself. It does streams movies too, which you can’t watch anywhere else.

Though it has excellent content and great movies to stream, everyone can not afford to take a subscription of Netflix. The plans of Netflix is from basic to standard.

The basic Netflix plan gives only one screen to play, that means you can watch a web series or movie only at one screen at a time. The basic plan does not streams HD or HD+ videos for you. The standard plan also does not support HD streaming.

In the standard plan you van do stream videos on multiple screens, that means you can watch multiple things on multiple devices at a time. You can watch videos on two screens at a time in the standard plan.

Coming to the premium subscription of Netflix, it bot only allows you to watch on four screens at a time but also allows you were screaming of videos in High Definition, High Definition +, and even in 4K resolution.

By following these steps, anyone can get a free trial of Netflix:-

  • Tot the official website of Netflix or install the Netflix application.
  • After opening the site or app, you will have to select “join free for a month” button.
  • Then a new page will come with “see the plans” button, click on that.
  • Select your plan. Either if you want basic, standard or a premium account.
  • Enter an email and the password. Remember, this email that you are putting up here must not be ever used with Netflix.
  • Select the payment method, the one with you are comfortable with.
  • Enter your name and billing information.
  • Select start membership.

Whenever you wish to sign up to Netflix as you want to have a free account, go with a new email and payment card.

How to cancel Netflix free trial subscription?

After some time when the trial is getting over, and you do not want to pay for the next month subscription. Do not forget to cancel the subscription. It is essential to remember to cancel before your trial is over.

By following these ways, you can cancel the subscription of Netflix :

  • Open the Netflix website or the application.
  • Select your user icon given in the upper right corner of the interface.
  • Select the “account” button.
  • Select the “cancel membership” button.
  • Select “finish cancellation” button.

Always remember to cancel your subscription before your trial is over. Of you do not do so, you will be charged. In most cases, you will still be able to use your account until the free trial is over.

Can you pay for a year on Netflix?

If you do love watching web series and movies on Netflix and you do get addicted to you. Then you must be planning up, to why not to take the subscription of Netflix for a year and get some rest and discount too. Well, unfortunately, Netflix does not thinks you and haven’t come with this type of plan yet.

But if you do see the total amount of subscription, then these are the amount for different plans for a year. For basic it does costs you 400 rupees a month. So for one year, it will cost you 4800 rupees. For standard plan, it does costs you 599, so for one year, it will cost you 7188 rupees.

For premium membership it costa you 799 rupees so for one year it will cost you 9588 rupees. Last month it did have come with a new plan for mobile users of rupees 199. So for it, they will charge you 2388 rupees. You can not pay to Netflix for a whole year at one time.

Does Netflix take money for the free trial?

When you go for taking the free trial subscription, then you will have to sign up to Netflix. During signing up, they will ask you for the plan of Netflix. Either you choose basic, standard or premium membership. And then they will ask for the payment method.

After adding your card to the payment process. They will show you a message that after the free trial, the money will be deduced. At the time to taking the free trial, they will not charge you a single paisa.

Is it easy for us to cancel the subscription after the trial?

Of course, it is too easy for anyone to cancel the subscription of Netflix. By following these steps, anyone can cancel their subscription form Netflix before they could charge them :

  • Go to the official website of Netflix and login to your account.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the user icon.
  • Select the “account” button.
  • Select “cancel membership” button.
  • Select “Finish cancellation”.

How do I permanently delete my account?

  • If you do wish to delete your Netflix account permanently then follow these steps :
  • First of all, cancel the membership plan by following the steps given in the questions asked above.
  • Then, you need to contact [email protected] from the email that has been used for Netflix.
  • The one thing you must remember that using another email address and describing the case associated with another email will not do anything.
  • If you do not do so. And only does cancel the membership, then after ten months, it will automatically be deleted by Netflix itself.

Can I use someone else’s account?

Well anyone can log in to as many devices as they wish to but the number of the screen playing around the same time would be restricted. If your friend does get a subscription of Netflix, then you can log in to Netflix with his account. This does help a group of friends, what they do is that they split the bill and uses the premium account.

As the premium account offers four screens to play at the same time, you can enjoy with your friends a new web series while being on a conference call. This does happen with standard subscription too. But if your friend does get basic membership, then he/she will not share it with you as it allows only one screen playing at a time.

Also Check:

Last Word

Have you got a free Netflix account? If not then there is nothing to be sad about, you can access Netflix Premium by using our Netflix Cookies, or you can try the next day if you are lucky then you can win Netflix free account.

Now we hope that all of you will have got a free Netflix account if not, then you keep trying daily, and one day you will get a Netflix premium account. You should share this post to all your friends so that they get to know and they can also participate in it, and this can also increase your chances of being a winner so that you can get a free Netflix account.

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If you want to get a daily working free Netflix account, then you can follow the steps given below and become Aliglable on the Netflix account. Those accounts are provided to you by mail or through our Telegram channel, and then you must join our telegram or else you can miss Netflix free account.


Difference Between Share Capital and Share Premium | Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms

share premium account

Issue of shares is a very important decision to a company with the main objective of raising funds for expansion. Share Capital and Share Premium are major components of equity.

The key difference between share capital and share premium is that while share capital is the equity generated through the issue of shares at face value, share premium is the value received for shares that exceed the face value.


This is the equity component of the company received through selling ownership of shares to the public investors. Shares will usually be issued at ‘par value’ or ‘nominal value’  (face value of a security). Share capital will be reflected in the equity section of the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet).

E.g. If 10,000 shares are issued at a par value of $2.5, the resulting share capital will be $25,000.

Share capital will be accounted for as,

Cash A/C                 Dr $25,000

Share capital A/C             Cr $25,000

Once the shares start to trade and the company’s performance improves, the share price will appreciate. Furthermore, a reduction in share price may also occur due to a negative action. Despite these movements, the value of the share capital remains at the initial sale value. ($ 25,000 in the above example)

There are two main categories of shares known as ordinary/common shares and preference shares. Ordinary shares are owned by the principal owners of the company, and these are all equity shares. Preference shares are also equity shares, however, may have fixed or floating dividend rates.

Cumulative Preference Shares

Preference shareholders often receive cash dividends. If a dividend is not paid in one financial year due to low profits, then the dividend will be accumulated and is payable to the shareholders at a later date.

Noncumulative Preference Shares

These preference shares do not carry the opportunity to claim dividend payments at a later date.

Participatory Preference Shares

These types of preference shares carry an additional dividend if the company meets pre-determined performance goals in addition to the normal dividend payment.

Share premium is the additional amount of funds received exceeding the par value of security. The ending balance of the Share Premium account is recorded in the Statement of Financial position after the Share Capital.

Issuing shares at a premium is a commonly used practice as par value is often set at a minimum level and does not reflect the true worth of the company.

Furthermore, some companies remain private for a significantly long period of time to be successfully established before going public, in which case the real value of such companies may have drastically evolved since incorporation.

Continuing from the above example,

e.g.: If the shares were issued at $ 3 instead of $ 2.5, the accounting entry would be,

Cash A/C                               Dr $ 30,000

Share capital A/C        Cr $ 25,000

Share premium A/C                    Cr $ 5,000

The funds in the Share Premium account can be utilized to make a bonus issue of shares to existing shareholders and for share repurchases.

Share premium funds are also commonly used to cover underwriting expenses (paid to a financial institution, usually an investment bank that assists companies to introduce their new shares to the market) or other expenses related to issuing stock shares.

These funds cannot be used to cover general expenses unrelated to share issues. Thus the account is not distributable.

What is the difference between Share Capital and Share Premium?

Offer for sale is “a situation in which a company advertises new shares for sale to the public as a way of launching itself on the Stock Exchange”.Offer for subscription is similar to an offer for sale, but there is a minimum level of subscriptions for the shares; the offer is withdrawn if this is not met.
Recording in the Statement of Financial Position
Share capital is recorded at the par value.Share premium is recorded as the difference between issue value and par value.
Movements in value
No movement in the originally recorded valueValue is subjected to movements during subsequent share issues.


“The Chase National Bank of the City of New York, Specimen Stock Certificate” By Downingsf – Own work (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Commons Wikimedia


Shares Premium (Definition)| What is Security Premium Account?

share premium account

Share Premium is the difference between the issue price and the par value of the stock and is also known as securities premium. The shares are said to be issued at a premium when the issue price of the share is greater than its face value or par value. This premium is then credited to the share premium account of the company.

It arises when the company issues its shares for the first time to the public above its face value, not when the investors sell them in the open market.

For example, if the company sells its share, having a face value of $3 per share at the price of $5 per share, then the share premium reserve is $2 per share.

Still, if the investors sell the same further $8 per share, then the securities premium of $3 is not gained by the company. Simply it is the gain to the investor.

Also, note that the Share Premium account is also known as Additional Paid-in Capital in US GAAP.

#1 – Issue price of Share Capital

The price at which the company offers its shares to the public for sale is called an issued price. The shares can be issued at, above, or below its face value. Therefore, the face value and the issue price of the share don’t need to be the same.

#2 – The Face value of Share Capital

The initial value or the original value of the share decided when the capital was raised initially is known as the face value of shares.  All the benefits given to the shareholders are decided to take into consideration the face value of shares. For example, if the rate of dividend declared by the company is 10%. Then the 10% will be calculated using the face value of shares issued.

Uses of Share Premium Account

The share premium account or the securities premium account cannot be distributed as dividends but can be used for the following reasons:

  • To issue the bonus shares to the existing shareholders of the company.
  • To write off the company’s preliminary expenses or underwriting cost.
  • To write off the equity-related expenses discount allowed or commission paid on the issue of shares.
  • To provide for the premium payable at the time of redemption of debentures or preference shares of the company.
  • To purchase its shares and other type of securities.

Share Premium Reserve Formula

(Issue price per share – Face value/par value per share) * No of shares 

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Total amount received on issue of shares – Total par value of shares issued

Example of Share Premium Account

For example, XYZ Company issued 500 shares at $15 per share having a par value of $10 per share.

  • Now the total amount received by the company is 500*$15 = $7500
  • Total face value of shares = 500*$10 = $5000

Total reserve = $2,500

Another way to calculate the share premium can be:

  • The share premium per share = $15 – $10 = $5
  • So total share premium is $5*500 = $2500.

The above amount of $2500 will be credited to the securities premium account and will be reported under the head reserves and surplus of equity and liabilities.

#1 – No Dilution in Rights

Raising funds additionally by means of share premium account does not lead to the dilution of the rights of the shareholders as the same number of shares are issued with the additional amount in the form of premium.

#2 – Tax Neutral

The company does not issue shares in exchange for any goods or services, so there will be no profit or gain by this. Also, it is not the income for the company; rather, they are reflected in the equity head of the balance sheet of the company.

Thus there will be no tax consequences by raising additional funds in the form of share premium account for the reason that it does not have any taxable base or tax burden.

Also, at the time of distribution of dividends to the shareholders, it is not considered, so they are also not subject to the dividend withholding tax.

#3 – Timing of distribution

These premiums are eligible for the distribution to shareholders at any time. In contrast, the profits are not as profits can be distributed after the approval of financial statements by shareholders in the general assembly.

#4 – Financial consideration

For the company, reserves, This premium also represents an element of equity. For shareholders of the company, It provides extra value for their participation in the company.

#5 – Reduction in Cost

When the shares are issued at the premium, then the incidental advantage is the reduction in the cost of capital. It does not require any additional administrative work and no additional fees for the authorized capital and registrar of companies as the fees are paid on the authorized share capital amount.

#6 -Higher Dividend Rate

As the dividend is declared on the paid-up share capital and not on the premium account, the rate of dividends to the shareholder will be high.


The account of securities premium considered as the restricted account as the amount received as the premium is not a part of free reserves.

The amount of share premium account can only be utilized for the purpose as allowed in the corporate bylaws. For example, the company cannot pay dividends from the premium account.

This account can be mainly utilized to set off the share issue expenses and not the operating losses.


The amount received over and above the face value of the issued share capital is the share premium. It is received when the shares are issued for the first time. No premium is received by the company when shares are further sold in the secondary market.

The use of it is restricted to the purpose as specified in the corporate bylaws. It is a part of the company’s retained earnings but cannot be treated as the free reserve. Thus the amount of share premium reserve must be utilized as per the conditions of the law.

This article has been a guide to what is Shares Premium Account and its definition. Here we discuss how to calculate share premium reserve formula and its calculations along with practical examples and uses. You may learn more about accounting from the following articles –


share premium account

Keep2Share is yet another Filehoster website which can be categorized among the top Filehosters and Multihosters. It allows the users to upload and download files without hindrances, ads, and unwarranted clicks. One click is all it takes to upload and download a file.

Back in the old days, sharing a large file was a dreadful task. Sending it over the internet took forever, and users had to copy the files to a storage device and send that to the recipients. With the advent of old technologies and the advancement in the modern technological solutions, Keep2Share offers a cloud based method of transferring files.

With the help of Keep2Share, all you have to do is to drag and drop a huge file on to the web page, and it will immediately upload it on the cloud. Once the file is in the cloud, just share the link with the users, and they will be able to download it from anywhere in the world. It also lets you download unlimited files anytime in the world. Here’s the main home page interface:

If you would to know more about it, just click here: Keep2Share Account

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Keep2Share offers three different types of accounts. Every account brings its own perks and cons to the table. The three major account types are;

  • Keep2Share Free
  • Keep2Share Premium
  • Keep2Share Premium Pro

If you are not an avid user of downloading and uploading functionalities, then maybe you should stick to the regular Keep2Share free account.

However, if you worship the downloading and uploading capabilities of the website, and you intend to use them on a daily basis, then you should purchase a Keep2Share Premium Account.

Let’s discuss some of the perks of Keep2Share Premium:

High Download Speed:

With a basic free account, your maximum download speed will be somewhere around 50KB/s. On the other hand, if you opt for Keep2Share Premium, your downloading speed will get a boost up to 300mb/s. This speed will hold even if the servers are busy and the traffic is at its peak. Your connection will be given high priority. There is no wait time or queue time for premium users.

Resume Function for Downloads/Uploads:

Even the modern era doesn’t ensure a constant connectivity with the internet. There will be times when you will be disconnected from the internet, and everything will seem dark. If you were in the middle of downloading or uploading something, the Keep2Share premium account will let you resume from that point instead of starting from the scratch. This is a huge time saver for huge files.

Premium Upload/Download Options:

With a Keep2Share premium account, your upload size will be 2GB, whereas free accounts only get 500Mb upload per day. wise, you can download unlimited files per day up to 20 GB, whereas a free account can only download up to 1 GB per day. Furthermore, you can download parallel files in sync, whereas a free user can only download one file at a time.

File History:

You might be away for a while, but the Keep2Share premium account will keep you file safe up to 180 days. You can download it quickly to your laptop before it is removed. It keeps a track of your downloads for up to 180 days, so you can revisit some old downloads. With a free account, it will only save your files up to a month.

To give you a visual perspective of the perks, the following table might help.

Account TypeFree UserPremium UserPremium Pro User
Download Speed50 kb/sUnlimitedUnlimited
File Size Limit1 GB5 GB10 GB
Download Restrictions1 GB20 GB per day50 GB per day
Parallel Downloads1UnlimitedUnlimited
Start ImmediatelyNoYesYes
Direct DownloadNoYesYes
Download ManagerNoYesYes
Download Wait Time30 SecondsNoNo

Yes, there is a premium pro offer. It is almost the same as Keep2Share Premium. The only difference is the file size limit and the download restriction.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

every major Filehoster website, Keep2Share also offers a wide variety of payment methods.Some of the payment methods are listed below;

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Webmoney
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Coupons
  • Vouchers
  • Resellers

You can create a simple account, and later on choose your preferred payment method. You can upgrade to Keep2Share premium account or Keep2Share premium pro.All the transactions are verified by VISA and other major financial institutions. Your transactions are 100% safe, secure and fast.

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A lot of Filehosters offer the same range of functionalities, but Keep2Share stands out among the rest. Here’s a list for you to consider before choosing a favorite Filehoster;

100% Safety:

Everything you upload will be kept secure. Your profile information and your browsing activities will neither be stored nor shared with any third part hosts. You can browse, upload and download whatever you want while being anonymous.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

You can upload and download files from any platform. Whether you own a PC or a MAC, you can download and upload without any unnecessary obstacles. It works on a wide range of available operating systems and platforms.

Ultra Sonic Speed:

Well, when you are downloading or uploading files from the internet, your main concern is the speed. Keep2Share offers high speed and unlimited downloading speed. It doesn’t matter if the load on the server is experiencing peak values, your downloading speed will not waver from what has been promised to you.

Simple User Interface:

No one wants a complex user interface when it comes to file sharing.Keep2Share provides a simple user interface. One click or drag and drop is all it takes to upload, download and access all the core features of the website.

Extensive Integration:

Keep2Share is among a handful of Filehosters which allow third party integration for browsers and download accelerators. It allows the users to use any download accelerator to upgrade the downloading speed.

Most websites do not allow third party applications. Even if they do allow it, they will limit the number of applications to their associates.

With Keep2Share premium account, you can use whichever download accelerator you wish to.

No Waiting Time:

If you wish to download something, your account might be kept in a virtual queue before you can access the file. Keep2Share believes in parallel users’ interface. This means there is no wait time for downloading multiple files at once.

How Is the File Management Interface?

Free of Hassle. That would be the precise and the most accurate answer. Users want to drag, drop and forget about their files. If you want to delete a file, all you should have to do is select and delete the file.

If you want to manage and organize your files, all you should have to do is create a new folder, and drag and drop the files there. Well, that is how Keep2Share works.

One click is all it will take to delete, manage and organize your files, history and downloading files.

Once you have uploaded a file, you can either make it public or private. If it is public, then everyone with an account will be able to access it. If the file is private, then you can generate links and share them with the recipients, and only they will be able to download and view it.

Yes, you can earn money with the help of the affiliate and associate programs. Just go to the bottom of the website, click on earn money, and you will be taken to a new page, which will ask you some basic questions. After that, you can promote the website on your own website, or you can earn money as your files become more effective and popular. is the partner, and they allow the users to earn more money as their files become more popular. Also, the users get paid for hosting content on their personal websites and accounts. Simple and easy steps will help you earn money while sitting at home.

What Are the Different Packages for the Users?

Keep2Share offers two different kind of premium options. You can either purchase a simple premium account or a premium Pro account. Let’s take a look;

PackagePremium ProPremium
Yearly$11.75 / month$9.50 / month
Quarterly$17.32 / month$13.98 / month
Monthly$21.95 / month$16.95 / month
Trial$8.95 / 3 days$6.95 / 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the software allows free usage however the features will be limited. This is a good start to try out the service. And if you ever enjoyed the service, you can always upgrade to premium to maximize the usage of features.

Totally, yes! Keep2Share has an affiliate program where you can earn great cash from referring them to your friends, families, and other interested people.

Do they offer flexible payment options?

Keep2Share has enabled user to pay through major payment methods to ensure everyone can access premium accounts.

Does premium account that worth it?

Well, yes, absolutely! As long as the premium account matches you need for huge file storage and highspeed downloads, it will be your friend in your work and personal files.

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What Do We Have to Say?

The cloud computing technology is on the rise, and hundreds of Filehosters promise the world to you. Keep2Share is the one who keeps their promises. Whether you have a free account, a Keep2Share premiumaccount, or a Keep2Share premium pro account, whatever has been promised to you, will be delivered.

If you are not satisfied with the service, one click and you will get a refund for your money. So, if you are interested in regular uploading and downloading options, and you are looking for the best service and Filehoster out there, keep2Share is definitely worth a try. It is among the best Filehosters available right now.


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